Melissa_aboutBonjour à tous ! (that’s fancy French talk for “hi everybody”) Thanks for stopping by. I’m Melissa, or as my French friends call me say it: Mélissa (may-lee-sa). I love that my name is a tiny bit different in French!

I first feel in love with France in 2000 when I was here doing a Photography study abroad. It was my summer right after high school and I arrived about 1 week after my 18th birthday—thus putting me in the group of “big kids” that were pretty much on our own in this city. Because of that, I feel like I had lots of rites of passage here and started becoming an adult in Paris. Ever since then, Paris has been intertwined in my heart and soul.

I had a pretty bad car accident back in 2002 and as a result ended up with lots of physical pain and chronic illness. I spent the next 12 years searching for every opportunity to find health and wellness. It was a long journey, but through that time I learned so much about myself and about health. I felt so destroyed and like my life was amounting to nothing significant as I slowly watched everything I had built and worked for—professionally and personally—crumble. I held on to the faith that this experience was not in vain and one day it would all come full circle. Here I am, 13 years later, feeling healthier than I have felt since before my accident and working hard every day to live a life by design.

So here I am, living my journey and hoping to inspire and help you on yours. I wouldn’t be where I am without the people who inspired and helped me. So read along, join me over on Facebook and Instagram and let’s aim high and take flight!

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