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Cize Update: Full Out

August 5, 2015
cize action shots

Quick little update: CIZE IS AWESOME. Lol. No, really. I’m already noticing differences in my body (leaning out and toning up), which is the best kind of motivation to keep doing something and being consistent! I’m already having so much fun and I looked ahead at the more advanced videos and they are so legit. Today I started in on the third routine and recorded a little video just after finishing with some of my thoughts.

Did I mention how much I love this program? Cize is where it’s at! I really hate cardio and I wake up every morning excited to get my workout in. I have ONE spot left to join me in the August group currently in pre-season and would love for it to be you! Drop me a comment below if you want it (or find me on social media if that is easier for you).


Wanna join me? You can even try it for free for a month! Hit me up if you want to join my daily dance parties or get started here and click on “Beachbody on Demand” on the top left.

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